Experience the ASK Method with our bucket.io demo funnel examples

If you want to experience for yourself how the ASK Method “survey funnel” works, here are some demo funnels which we have built in bucket.io for you to try as an example.

These sample funnels let you experience what it would be like to go through a DDS or Quiz Funnel as a user.

In a typical scenario, your business will have a funnel similar to these built, then you will use your email list, paid traffic or other traffic source to send people to a funnel just like these.


Discovery Funnel Examples

Discovery Funnels are used for your initial “Deep Dive Survey” DDS, which is the first major component of the ASK Method.

This is where you discover all about your prospective buyers, and find out what “buckets” or segments they will fit into.

You don’t want to get complicated or clever with a DDS, there is a specific, minimal structure to a Deep Dive Survey when done properly.

Due to the precision in the DDS structure, there’s only a few configurations possible and so only a few Discovery Funnel examples are shown here:

  1. Classic Discovery Survey
  2. Short Discovery Survey
  3. Confirmation Discovery Survey

Segmentation Funnel Examples

Segmentation Funnels, also called Survey Funnels or Quiz Funnels, are the second major component of the ASK Method.

This is where you take the marketing insights you discovered through your DDS, and deploy an online marketing funnel that lets users self-select, or “diagnose” which bucket they fit into by answering questions. The automation within the segmentation funnel then qualifies users and delivered a tailored funnel experience that exactly matches who they are, what they think, and shows them the customized solution ideal for them.

  1. Classic Basic Segmentation Funnel
  2. Branching Logic Segmentation Funnel
  3. Qualifier Segmentation Funnel
  4. Customized Outcome Segmentation Funnel
  5. Single Outcome Segmentation Funnel
  6. Optin Simple Segmentation Funnel


You may want to read our article about the difference between a Discovery Funnel and a Segmentation Funnel in the ASK Method.


About bucket.io

bucket.io is the software platform built to Ryan Levesque’s specifications to make ASK Method funnels easy to build and deploy, and provide the perfect end user experience for consumers to take the quiz or survey, get segmented or “bucketed” as we call it, and receive their customized offer or solution.

The ASK Method is the perfect lead generation system, bucket.io is the perfect survey funnel building software platform, and together they deliver the  most awesome internet marketing sales funnel experience on the planet.


Consulting and Service options for ASK Method and bucket.io Implementation

Interested in getting help with with implementing the ASK Method in your business?
Need assistance building funnels in bucket.io?

As a certified ASK Method and bucket.io support provider, we’re happy to see how we can help you make progress with your marketing endeavors.

Just contact us today though the forms at the end of our ASK Method or bucket.io pages.



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