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How Did These Custom Pay-Per Click Systems Help a Small Business Owner Increase Sales to $5,000,000 within a year?

Discover the Advanced PPC Management Service Used by Business Owners that are Ready to Scale.

Meet Jonathan Wilson. If you’ve ever been frustrated with how your Google PPC campaigns are performing… If you’ve tried to hire outside agencies and been less than impressed… If you’re ready to run some serious Google Ads campaigns with REAL results… Keep Reading.

Since you’re here, you must understand how important it is to get Google Ads right.

It is THE thing that can take your business to the next level.

But most people fail with actually producing profitable results with it.

This is where we come in. Many clients find their way to us after many failed attempts at AdWords.

If this is your first venture into hiring someone to manage PPC for you, then consider yourself fortunate!

Take 2 minutes now and read what some of our clients are saying:

Paul Moore

I thoroughly checked Jonathan out. One thing that every reference said was that whatever he did, he did well. If he didn’t know something, he learned it and excelled quickly. So I hired him.

I learned that I didn’t know what I didn’t know how good a pay-per-click manager could be. Jonathan dove right in and learned my business, my account, and my other staff. He interviewed my realtors, and even made a trip to the lake where we sell property. He proved himself as a caring contractor… who has now become a friend.

Jonathan’s ingenuity, persistence and determination have dramatically improved my campaigns.
I gave him high goals and he has exceeded most of them. I asked him to find a tracking solution that is widely believed to be impossible. He has proven it is possible.

I can’t thank Jonathan enough. And I can’t recommend him more highly.

Now I am trying to think of other projects I can start so he can help me make some more money!

Paul Moore
Founder and Author, Smith Mountain Homes

Andre Fraser

Jonathan is a very integral part of my Adwords team. He is one of my go to people for all things Google Analytics and Google Adwords
His understanding of Adwords is exceptional.

Andre Fraser
AdWords Lead Generation Consultant

Perry Marshall

Our most-trusted web mechanic and analytics specialist… THANK YOU

Perry Marshall
Founder, PSMA

David St Germain

A Recommendation for Jonathan

It is my privilege to write a letter of recommendation for Jonathan Wilson. I discovered Jonathan and asked him for a consulting session (mostly to see if he actually knew anything)

I had been a successful online marketer for 5 years already and was in the process of scaling up my business and needed some advice on a specific problem I was having with my Facebook advertising.

I paid for my consulting session with him and we started digging in to the problems. And I quickly realized that he was the real deal… I’ve been around long enough to know who just talks a big game and who can actually get results.

Jonathan helped me solve my Facebook challenges (these were very serious tracking problems with DAILY budgets up to $5,000) and I was so thankful I finally found a guy that could perform at the highest level.

Enter – AdWords

I discovered that Jonathan’s main skill-set was in AdWords and I was curious to see if he could perform in my ULTRA competitive industry. Over the last 18 months I had hired 4 different PPC agencies and “experts” only to fire them a few months later after they had wasted 10’s of thousands of dollars of my money with little or ZERO profitable results.

This was a very critical time for my business, and I needed results fast. I hired Jonathan at his entry level package and what I saw next was...
BAM – profitable results!

Within the first 2 weeks I could see that THIS was the guy! Over the next 6 months we scaled up our AdWords spend to $100,000 per month and had our biggest growth period to date.

This year we’ve grown 1,900% from last year… Yes, 1900%! And it NEVER could have happened without Jonathan.

I’m forever grateful and extremely happy to be his client, and proud to call him a friend. If you want to see real results… Do yourself (and your business) a favor and buy his consulting and management package. You will be impressed.

David St Germain
CEO, DSGM Group of Companies

Joe Carr

Telling the truth always paints a beautiful picture!

Your prospect just called and I chatted with him for a few minutes – as I heard the words coming out of my mouth describing what you’ve done for me I realized even more how glad I am to have come across you! The fellow was referencing pricing and said yours was a bit higher than others; I told him I’ve paid triple and got nothing for it. You, I pined, give tangible value for the dollars that are spent. I also told him to give you an absolute minimum of 3 months to work your magic (I did kinda allude to the fact that you might have some sort of wizardly magic you draw upon).

His response was ”Wow!“

And that’s why I have your picture on my wall with the moniker “My Hero” underneath!

Thanks for all the diligent endeavors! I sincerely appreciate all you’re doing.

Joe Carr
CEO, N.D., Certified Counselor, TGP and Carr Creative Corporation

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Note: This is a limited time offer and may be removed at any time depending on our actual client capacity. To provide optimal service, we only work with a small handful of new clients per month. Currently we have one more opening available this upcoming week … so drop us a message and grab a spot before this month's available times are all taken.

Alastair McDermott

Alastair McDermott

Online Business &
Technology Consultant

August 12, 2017, Alastair was aclient of Jonathan's

I highly recommend talking to Jonathan about your PPC & lead generation strategy.

I had an online marketing strategy call with Jonathan about my upcoming book release. His advice is invaluable - he gave me super feedback and generated a ton of ideas for content re-purposing, PPC strategy and more.

Scott Dennison

Scott Dennison

Founder of Roofing Contractors Leadership Network

April 6, 2016, Scott A. was a client of Jonathan's

I've worked with Jonathan on several Google AdWords projects for some time now and its been a great experience. He's a direct response guy through and through and if you want/need to attract customers, he can help you. He and his team can assess where you're doing well, what needs to improve and then they go do it. Hard to have a better business relationship than that...

Benjamin Porter

Benjamin Porter

Strategies for Business: Business Development, Operations, Marketing & Sales

April 15, Benjamin was a
client of Jonathan's

Jonathan has assisted me on many projects, large and small, and I give him the highest recommendation. His understanding of online lead gen and marketing is top notch. His work is thorough and on time and he deals with even the most anxiety provoking situations in a calm and honest manner. If you've chosen to work with someone else, you've probably made a mistake.