Paul Moore

Paul Moore

After closing down a business that provided over half of my revenue, I really needed to get my real estate lead gen business working at full tilt. But it had been in a slide for years. My current pay-per-click manager was responsive to my needs, but he only worked on my account when I asked him to. Which saved me money because he billed by the hour.

When considering Jonathan at October Marketing, I was concerned on a few levels. First, his costs would be much higher. Secondly, I was switching from a known mediocre solution, with a friend, to an unknown provider. Third, Jonathan’s experience was much broader than pay-per-click/AdWords, so I wondered if he really had the skill to execute what I needed. And he didn’t know real estate.

I thoroughly checked Jonathan out. One thing that every reference said was that whatever he did, he did well. If he didn’t know something, he learned it and excelled quickly. So I hired him.

I learned that I didn’t know what I didn’t know how good a pay-per-click manager could be. Jonathan dove right in and learned my business, my account, and my other staff. He interviewed my realtors, and even made a trip to the lake where we sell property. He proved himself as a caring contractor… who has now become a friend.

Jonathan’s ingenuity, persistence and determination have dramatically improved my campaigns. I gave him high goals and he has exceeded most of them. I asked him to find a tracking solution that is widely believed to be impossible. He has proven it is possible.

I can’t thank Jonathan enough. And I can’t recommend him more highly.

Now I am trying to think of other projects I can start so he can help me make some more money!

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Digital Marketing Consultant, AdWords PPC Traffic Specialist and certified ASK Method Associate. My goal is to deliver the best start-to-finish high-performance digital marketing my clients could ever hope for.