If you’re on this page you’re probably a new client and we asked for your AdWords account CID

Part 1: Here’s how you can find that number to send us:

1. Login to your AdWords account.

2. Look for your 10 digit Customer ID (CID) Number. It is located just below the Google AdWords name and logo.



3. Please send that CID number to us.

4. After we receive it, we’ll send a “link request” from our AdWords MCC (our AdWords Agency Account Control Center) and then you’ll need to accept the link request. Then we will have access to view and work on your account.


Part 2: Here is how to accept the link request once we’ve sent it:

5. Click the wrench icon in the top right and click “Account Access”.



6. On the next page, click “Managers” in the 2nd menu row.



7. Click “Accept” and you are all set.



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