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"Our most-trusted web mechanic and analytics specialist… THANK YOU"

Perry Marshall
Founder, PSMA

"Jonathan is one of the few (and getting fewer everyday) guys who truly knows internet marketing from A-Z. If you want better results from your web sales funnels, and are tired of messing around, Jonathan and October Marketing are a wise choice."

- John Fancher
Copywriter Extraordinaire

It was a pleasure working with Jonathan and the team at October Marketing. From the initial design meeting to the last finishing touch, they worked with all the most care and detail to help us accomplish our goals.
Thanks again!

- Mike Ballerino
Project Manager, H.C.S.

Certified Google Ads Campaign Management Provider

October Marketing is an elite Google Ads campaign management provider run by digital marketing specialist Jonathan Wilson, who started running Google AdWords PPC campaigns in 2009 and launched this agency in 2011.

With over 22 years combined experience, the team has managed well over $3 million in ad spend with good results for happy clients. Many of our clients have made well over $2,000,000+ as a result of the Google Ads PPC traffic we drive to their sites and funnels.

Today, October Marketing takes on select client projects as long as it's a good fit for everyone involved.

In order to inquire about services offered, make sure to start with downloading the case study mentioned earlier at the top of this page.

The Founder & CEO

Jonathan is a High-Performance Google Ads Traffic & Lead Generation Strategist, and the mastermind behind October Marketing. He has been building online businesses for over 20 years, starting with the first client site custom built with hand-crafted HTML in the mid 90's

As he says, "the strength of this company comes from reputation on trust, hard work, and results".

Coming from a humble rural upbringing, he's now put managing several millions in ad spend under his belt. Today he's put together a team with October Marketing, and is also a published author.

You can find his book Maze Retargeting on Amazon, or listen to the Maze Marketing Podcast which he co-hosts and can be found in all popular podcast apps.

- Jonathan Wilson,
High Perfomance AdWords Traffic & Lead Generation Strategist,
Founder, October Marketing

The Most Comprehensive Book On Retargeting Out Now

"Practical, grounded, and to the point retargeting advice..."

Running ads can be hard.

There's a reason why many choose to hire a specialist to do it for them.

However, if you are at a point where you are doing it yourself, or just want to see where the best place is to start with paid ads traffic ...

Then this is the book for you.

In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, this type of campaign can help you show and remind your ideal prospects how you can help them.

Whether it's B2B or more direct to consumer, retargeting has been proven to work time and time again with exceptional results.

And it's truly a power demonstration of the 80/20 principle in action.

In the book you get an understanding of the strategy, and how it fits together with the big picture. What to put in the ads. And the nitty-gritty of the technical setup.

Everything you need to get going.

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The Maze Marketing Podcast

"The funnel is no longer a straight line"

If you ask anyone who's interested in what marketing can do for their business, it's almost guaranteed that they've seen the traditional linear funnel.

However, while still somewhat true, there are massive changes happening in consumer behavior.

More and more people are shopping and researching on different devices and platforms while taking their time to come to a decision about the next step to take.

And this creates new challenges for how to best meet ideal prospects online.

In the podcast, curated experts are interviewed to give you updates on the new landscape, to help you adapt and solve these new challenges.

Click Here to check out the Podcast

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