Do You Really Know Where Your Money is Going In Your PPC Campaigns?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker
“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” – Lord Kelvin
“Without goals and goal values you are not doing web analytics, you are doing web iamwastingyourlifeandminelytics” — Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google

Perry Marshall recently said:

“… it is simply rare for a company to actually have all their conversion tracking in place, call tracking, and be able to easily answer simple straightforward questions about their advertising results. There is some major omission going on 95% of the time.


We’re here to help ensure that you are NOT part of the 95% who’s missing crucial conversion tracking information.

This service is essential for YOU, if you:
– have a business
– have a website
– conduct business through that website
– use paid traffic to get visitors to that website
– (or, website visitor traffic comes from organic SEO, email or other sources)
– the website moves those visitors to either a sale, or a lead
– the visitor becomes a sale or a lead by either doing something on that website or calling a phone number seen on that site

Here’s An 80/20 Summary of what’s possible with Conversion Tracking:

– You can track the flow of money, or values that represent money.
– You can track the quantity of conversions.
– You can track conversions right inside the PPC ad platforms (like AdWords and Facebook) or in a separate analytics system like Google Analytics.
– Google Analytics is free, powerful, and plays well with all the different parts in Google’s ecosystem.
– Online purchases (shopping carts) are the easiest and most accurate conversions to track.
– Other online actions are the second easiest to track. This is perfect for tracking lead generation.
– Phone calls can be tracked.
– Offline sales and activities are the most difficult to track. Get creative and find ways to move offline events online to make tracking workable.

What you’re ultimately trying to track is money, because your website traffic costs you something and needs to make you ROI in the form of money (profit).

Money In, Money Out. MIMO for short.

Tracking is used to see the details of MIMO in order to identify what’s working and what’s not, to optimize the entire cycle in order to stop failing aspects or prevent waste and improve or leverage the parts that are profitable.

The best place to track MIMO for paid traffic platforms (PPC) is right inside the platform.

Using Google Analytics conveniently ads another level of detail and offers the ability to view comparisons.

When this is all setup correctly, you will know exactly which parts of your marketing are making you money, which ones are costing you, and which are in neutral.

Many business people wind up in that unfortunately 95% because they either don’t have time to setup conversion tracking, or get lost in the complexities of the code and setup.

I’ve setup conversion tracking for dozens of companies, with configurations ranging from very simple to highly complex.

Don’t you want to be the next successful business that knows exactly where their money is going and how to optimize further?

Then let us help you.:

Simply contact us now using the form below and we’ll reply ASAP to discover how best we can work together to accomplish your goals of crystal-clear Conversion Tracking.

No more John Wanamaker moments for you!


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    What Clients Say About Our Service:

    ***** “Jonathan helped me to sort out my offline conversion tracking for adwords. This is vital as all my sales are completed offline. I can now scale up my adwords campaigns which is great! A+++++ 5 stars HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!” – Marc S.
    ***** “I had an online marketing strategy call with Jonathan about my upcoming book release. He gave me some super feedback and generated a ton of ideas for content re-purposing, PPC strategy and more. I can definitely recommend having a strategy call with Jonathan. – Alastair M
    ***** “I’ve worked with Jonathan on several Google AdWords projects for some time now and its been a great experience. He’s a direct response guy through and through and if you want/need to attract customers, he can help you. He and his team can assess where you’re doing well, what needs to improve and then they go do it. Hard to have a better business relationship than that…” – Scott D.
    ***** “Jonathan’s ingenuity, persistence and determination have dramatically improved my campaigns.
    I gave him high goals and he has exceeded most of them.
    I asked him to find a tracking solution that is widely believed to be impossible. He has proven it is possible.
    I can’t thank Jonathan enough.
    And I can’t recommend him more highly.
    Now I am trying to think of other projects I can start so he can help me make some more money! ” – Paul M.