Google AdWords and PPC

Missing out on PPC? Google AdWords and other Search Engine Pay-Per-Click channels are one of the best resources for new websites or marketing to new areas of interest. If your site is in need of a traffic boost, a good PPC campaign is the best way to get rolling.

A new website can often take a year or more of intensive SEO before your site makes it to the crucial top three positions in the search results. PPC advertisements are the quick way to the top, ahead of your competitors.

Running your own AdWords or AdCenter campaign?

We’d like to suggest you consider the implications: time after time, the majority of first time PPC campaigns lose money at a ratio of 4-to-1 when starting out. Expertise and knowledge is needed to pin point the precise keywords, ads and targeting to gain critical mass and make the campaigns rocket into the jet stream. The rules of the game are always changing (it’s estimated that Google makes over 200 changes to its algorithms per year) so you need a professional service that can knowledgeably deliver campaign performance improvements.

“I tried AdWords but I only broke even (or lost money)” is a common complaint we’ve heard. It takes expert skill and a familiarity with the terrain to cut through the noise and find the profitable pathways to the top. Let us help you navigate through the traps and get on the high road to solid campaign performance.

So just hire any PPC Management Company, right?

Many corporate PPC management companies have great salesman and are simply interested in getting subscribers. Then they hire relatively low-wage employees to setup campaigns. The tech’s are often trained in the mere fundamentals of AdWords setup and know nothing about in-depth keyword research, analysis, conversion optimization, sales or business. They’re probably never even heard of retargeting or call-tracking. They’re certainly not going to spend time making sure you get personal service and the highest possible CTR and Conversion for the lowest price! So many users reports that a PPC management company barely does better than if they’d set up the campaign themselves.

At October Marketing, PPC management is a cornerstone of our company and we regularly learn from the brightest and best in the PPC industry to keep up with Google’s constantly changing features. And we care about each individual customer. Our methods typically produce well over 4x improvement in standard user-created campaigns (10x is not uncommon).

Planning on PPC only without optimizing your site?

Google and other Search Engines are focused on delivering searchers the best website for each click, whether paid or not. If Google thinks your site is not optimized, under-performing or just doesn’t deliver useful content, they will penalize you by reducing your ratings and correspondingly increase your bid price per click (now that’s a great way to lose money fast!).

You might be thinking “Wait, Google AdWords has a fully automatic mode and I can even get an official Google rep to setup my initial campaign for free. Isn’t that the best way to do it – and what do you know that Google doesn’t?”

To be sure, Google knows a lot we don’t know – but one thing is certain: Google is looking for the best way to serve searches, not the best way to serve your ads, and they want to make money too. Fully automatic mode is one of the fastest ways to lose money.

So don’t wait – especially if you have already started your own campaign – contact us today and see how we can exponentially improve your profitably and reduce your costs on Google AdWord, Microsoft AdCenter and other PPC systems.

Budget and Payments

The way PPC, “Pay-per-click” works is you literally pay each time someone clicks on your ad.
You will make payments for the clicks (sometimes referred to as “ad spend” or “ad budget”) directly to the network provider (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) we are not middle-men and do not broker clicks.

We do not promote, endorse or utilize “unlimited” click gimmicks (and we’re happy to explain why you should run away from any company offering those) and your service payment does not cover click costs, it covers strategy, consulting, management, maintenance and services, on short, you pay the ad platform for the clicks and you pay us for our work, skill and expertise.

You are in full control of the amount of your ad budget and may spend any amount you wish all the way down to $1 per day, however for AdWords management to be worth your time and ours, you should be prepared to spend at least $2,000/mo on ads.
We use purely data-driven, results-driven frameworks to make account management decisions and so rely on both tracking and and split-testing. For that reason, low-volume accounts are difficult to work with. If your total monthly marketing budget is less than $2,000 you should probably consider alternative options. We can suggest great ways to learn do-it-yourself account management.

Our professional PPC / AdWords services are available as follows:

  • Consulting & Strategy is priced by the hour. $250/hour.
  • Coaching is custom priced and requires an initial strategy session where we will define clear goals for the coaching sprints. It is far more time consuming to teach than to manage services.  Contact us for details.
  • Fully managed services are available on month-to-month, pre-paid retainer. The fee structure is $3,000 + 10% of monthly ad spend. Accounts with a very large ad spend are eligible for a lower percentage rate depending on the nature of the account. We typically charge a setup fee for new accounts. Some exceptions apply.

Please contact us for the latest details on pricing and strategy.

Prices above are minimums and subject to change, also special circumstances may be exceptions.

Note: Although it may work for a small business to throw a few hundred dollars on a PPC campaign to get a few initial visitors, or when starting launching a new product, service or location, in general, this is not advisable. To put it bluntly:

PPC, and any other form of per-click advertising, can be expensive. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not knowledgeable or not being up-front about it.

We’re willing to consult with you even on a small budget, but in general, you’re not going to spend your first $300 on PPC and get an immediate $1000 in sales.

Time frame / Time-to-Profit

We recommend you view the initial 30-days as the setup and launch phase and allocate 2 to 3 months for a reasonable amount of testing and optimization to enable the account to mature and become profitable. We occasionally have immediate and spectacular results but normally the system requires building, optimization and scaling over time and it is absolutely essential to run a sufficient volume traffic in the account so that we can collect enough data to make good decisions.

F.A.Q. & Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How much ad spend do you manage?
A: To date we have directly managed well over 3 Million in ad spend for our full-service clients. In addition we’ve assisted millions more in the role of consulting, strategy or coaching.

Q: Are you a person or a company?
A: Both, we are small client-friendly agency with team members around the globe. Please note that you are on our company website.

Q: Do you personally manage my account?
A: The owner of October Marketing, Jonathan Wilson is our lead PPC strategist, analyst, account engineer, and consultant. He is also the manager and director of the entire company. He personally oversees every single client’s account. Unlike other agencies where there is often a complete disconnect between sales, management and operators (with thinly-trained, inexperienced junior operators frequently left in charge of client accounts), all our client accounts are personally overseen by the company owner and all clients have a direct connection to him.

Q: Do you have a team / do other people work on my account?
A: Yes, we have an experienced team of PPC strategists, managers, analysts, copywriters, landing page experts, web designers, ad designers, technicians, programmers and tracking specialists.

Q: What CPC (click costs) do you get? We’re looking for high-volume, cheap clicks …
A: For the most part, the days of high-volume cheap clicks are over (and have been for almost a decade). Low CPCs are generally evidence that the traffic is not profitable, because where there’s profit to be made, there’s competition, and so if no one’s competing that means no one has found a good way to make a profit from those keywords or targeting choices. Please trust us: you do NOT want cheap traffic. You want good traffic: profitable traffic. We have seen many cases where high CPCs yield the best CPA or ROAS.

Q: What CTR (click-through-rate) do you get?
A: Between 0% and 300%. CTR is what we call a “vanity metric” and we’d be happy to explain this to you in detail.

Q: What’s your Conversion Rates?
A: It varies and depends heavily on the website/landing page/funnel we are driving the traffic to. Good traffic cannot fix a bad funnel or site. We’d be happy to explain this to you also.

Q: I need help with my entire marketing funnel, not just my traffic, and I need to improve my conversion rates: can you still work with me?
A: Yes, we’ve been working with websites and sales for decades and have been in the marketing industry for years. We’ve seen many digital marketing funnels and we are happy to advise our clients with any aspect of your marketing including your sales funnels.

Q: If you don’t use CTR or Conversion Rate, what KPIs do you rely on to produce results?
A: ROAS (return on ad spend) and CPA/CPL, depending on what befits your business the most.

Q: Do you guarantee results?
A: No. We’ve been in business over a decade years and this is our area of expertise. Both business in general and marketing in particular is done at risk. There are myriad factors beyond our control that prevent us from offering guarantees. Some of the factors outside our control include:

  • The ad networks themselves (we’ve seen “the machine” do amazingly capricious things, that even the network reps could not explain)
  • Your competition
  • The economy
  • World events
  • Random positive or negative news or PR
  • Seasonality
  • Technical malfunctions or outages in networks and web platforms
  • Your funnel
  • Your sales copy
  • Your branding or design
  • Your offers
  • Your products or services
  • Your pricing
  • Your customer audience
  • Your customer service
  • The way your company, employees or team members conduct business

Q: Do you lock us into contracts?
A: Consulting is handled on a case-by-case bases and managed services are month-to-month with no locking. We expect you to want results and that is what we aim for. If you do not like our results, we can’t imagine why you would keep working with us on a second month (or call): you should find someone better able to serve you!

Q: So you’re an expert and you’re confident this works and can just turn it on and I’ll make money in short order, right?
A: We build and fine-tune digital marketing traffic systems, we do not have a cookie-cutter product offering. We also cannot deliver one-size-fits-all marketing: every account is totally unique and we treat each account with special care and attention to detail with all its unique considerations. That said, we have great expertise at building profitable PPC campaigns and use only the best, world-class systems, methods and strategies to build your profitable PPC campaigns.

Q: Do you work with anyone and everyone?
A: We work with clients when we are mutually a good fit to work together and when we believe we have a reasonable expectation of producing excellent results for your company! We don’t work with any categories or product or service that are illegal, restricted or overly regulated by the networks.

Q: I tried PPC already (or someone did it for me) … it didn’t work. “AdWords doesn’t work”.
A: AdWords always works, its a machine (a computer program) with specific features, functions and principles. However the average user starts off losing money at a 6:1 ratio (spend $6, make $1 back!). This is typically due to a lack of experience and knowledge about common blindspots and how the ad networks make money and take remorseless advantage of unsuspecting users. Not all business models and offers are a good fit for AdWords for various reasons. We’re experts at building campaigns correctly so that losses are minimized at the very beginning and the chance of succeeding are maximized from the very first day.

If you have any other questions, please be sure to contact us or message us via the chat-bot (below, right)