What is the ASK Method?

What is the ASK Method? On the most fundamental level, the ASK Method can be seen as a quiz and a funnel put together.

But there is so much more under the hood. So what is the ASK Method?

An explanation of the ASK Method® would quite literally fill a book (and already has) but for today, let’s explore one aspect that goes to the heart of the ASK method: Segmentation.

What’s the point of segmentation? It’s to cleanly place your audience, your buyers, and your products or services, into different segments, with prospects uniquely paired up to the exact offer that’s just right for them, for maximum value … which in turn brings maximum effectiveness, maximum value, and maximum sales.

When talking about segments, Ryan, the author of the ASK Method, of calls them “buckets”. That’s not a bad analogy and most people can imagine an assortment of buckets. The problem with the buckets analogy is that no one can then conceptualize off the cuff what in the world you do with a bucket.

Why you need segmentation in the first place

Imagine a coin sorter (that’s the machine businesses and banks use to sort all the coins that come in from cash registers).

You don’t want your quarters mix in with the pennies, some audience segments are only worth pennies to your business and they’re not worth the time to try to sell to, while others are definitely high value.

So you want to separate the pennies from the quarters, in order to focus the right balance of your attention and resources on the high-value segments.

It’s not just all about the value or worth of different people in your market audience though:

Segmentation (the sorting, in our example) deeply affects HOW you sell to them.

What are you going to offer them?

What are you going to say about that offer?

How are you going to capture their interest?

How are you going to inspire them to choose you?

By choosing them first!

This is how you increase conversion rates, increase customer experience and engagement, decrease cost per acquisition and lost sales from people dropping out of your funnel.

Thinking about your ideal buyers, What makes them tick? What keeps them awake at night? What motivates them? What motivates their purchase decisions?

Every buyer is unique and so  you cannot treat them equally.

This is exactly where the ASK Method comes in, to help your business efficiently segment your audience and then speak directly to them.

To use a common Internet Marketing sales phrase “you need to enter the conversation in their head” and how can you do that without knowing what that conversation is … and which conversation in playing in their mind right now?

The ASK Method is a segmentation funnel and a quiz.

Why a quiz?

Using a quiz is both a segmentation mechanism and an attraction tactic.

It works so well because people are naturally curious and love self-discovery.

Why Segmentation?

Everyone is different. They want different things. They think different thoughts. As prospects or customers, they have different values to your business, they have different budgets. They have different preferences, modalities, view points even different ways of phrasing things.

Ask 15 people from different parts of the world “what do you call that?” and they will give you different answers.

(Ask a bunch of professional internet marketers “What is the ASK Method” and they will give you different answers too!)

Your job as a business owner and marketer is to find out which of those 15 answers matter, and use that information to enter the conversation in the prospect’s head … to make them feel at home … to solve their problems … to make life better for them … and to inspire hope and trust in you, in your brand, that you have the right solution for them.

When they feel like what you are offering them fits like a glove …

… chances are greatly increased that when the shoe fits, they will wear it!

The founder of October Marketing is now a certified ASK Method Associate. If you have a hunch that the ASK Method might benefit your business, chances are your hunch is correct. So what are you waiting for: let’s get in touch and explore how we can use ASK to launch your business to truly new heights of success.



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