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  • Best places to advertise in Waco – coming soon
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Should you use AdWords of Facebook for your marketing? Find out with a quick-60 second test engineered by world class marketers:

If you manage AdWords accounts, this tool if a lifesaver for creating match types: AdWordsWrapper



All words and verbiage in your marketing and ads are known as copy. The skill of writing excellent words for sales purposes is known as copywriting.

Copy should be written on a simple, 4th-grade level (this is firmly backed up by statistics.

Test the quality and “readability” of your copy using The Hemingway Online Editor







Stats, Analytics, Data Analysis and Tracking

No marketing can be done effectively without measuring where your money is going and what good its doing.

Some of our favorite “measurement” tools include:





For online ecommerce stores, we recommend using one of these trusted platforms:




Computers, programs, apps, smartphones & related devices



One very frequent problem that all online businesses run into is basic online security. Yes its a hassle to keep everything secure but its nothing like having your email account or website hacked, or your credit card, bank info of or personal info stolen.
So please, take precautions.
Use long, strong random passwords.

  • Share passwords and confidential info with your vendors and tech support securely with a secure system like: OnetimeSecret.com





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