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Should you use AdWords, or Facebook Ads, for your marketing?
Find out with a quick-60 second test engineered by world class marketers:

If you manage AdWords accounts, this tool is a lifesaver for creating match types: AdWordsWrapper

You can check keyword ideas, estimated search volumes and and estimated click costs with Google’s Keyword Planner from inside your AdWords account.

Another option for Search ads is the Bing search engine, who’s ads are run with a Microsoft Bing AdCenter account

Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world? YouTube Ads are also run through Google AdWords, in conjunction with a YouTube account.


All words and verbiage in your marketing and ads are known as copy. The skill of writing excellent words for sales purposes is known as copywriting.

Copy should be written on a simple, 4th-grade level (this is firmly backed up by statistics.

Test the quality and “readability” of your copy using The Hemingway Online Editor

Stats, Analytics, Data Analysis and Tracking

No marketing can be done effectively without measuring where your money is going and what good its doing.

Some of our favorite “measurement” tools include:

Conversion Tracking

Here at October Marketing we consider it essential to have good, well-done conversion tracking in place if you are running paid traffic on a PPC platform like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc.

You should install the native conversion tracking for each platform.

  • For Facebook, that means use the Facebook pixel on your website and throughout your funnel. If you have a WordPress website, we recommend the plugin PixelYourSite
  • For Google AdWords, you’ll need to Conversion Actions by using the new GTAG tracking code on your website and throughout your funnel.

If you need help setting up your Conversion Tracking we’ll be glad to explore working with you.

To compare multiple platforms’s performance (for example, AdWords compared to Facebook compared to Email compared to Organic), and for deeper insights into your website’s visitor behavior, you’ll want to use Google Analytics.

For measuring the performance of any platform that doesn’t have built-in tracking, and for email tracking you’ll need to use UTM tags with Google Analytics. UTM query strings (which are essentially just customized URLs) are easily created using the UTM Builder.

Split Testing

All good marketers improve ROI by optimizing through split tests, sometimes known as A/B testing

The core concept is to create and run at least two variations of whatever you’re testing (web pages, ads, etc) and see which one performs better, then pause the worst-performing one and try yet another variation … indefinitely.

For PPC ad split testing (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc), simply get your Conversion Tracking setup correctly and then put more ads into your PPC platform

Use Google’s Content Experiments inside Google Analytics, now known as Google Optimize


If you need a website, we suggest you use WordPress. You can host your own WordPress site on almost any web hosting company, or use WordPress.com

Website and Email Hosting

For online ecommerce stores, we recommend using one of these trusted platforms:

For other websites like WordPress and custom-built, we recommend SiteGround.


Need to learn SEO? We recommend Tommy Griffith’s ClickMinded SEO Training.

If you’re a local business doing SEO you need to have all your NAPS correct. This is super important. We suggest Moz Local for that.

You also need to have your Google My Business listing setup correctly.

Digital Security

One very frequent problem that all online businesses run into is basic online security. Yes its a hassle to keep everything secure but its nothing like having your email account or website hacked, or your credit card, bank info of or personal info stolen.
So please, take precautions.
Use long, strong random passwords.

  • Share passwords and confidential info with your vendors and tech support securely with a secure system like: OnetimeSecret.com


Need to design your own graphics? Try Canva or Pablo.

Want to sketch out funnels? Try LucidChart.

Looking for a template for your website, emails, lead magnets, ebooks, presentations, etc? Try ThemeForest

And if you need stock photos, graphics or video clips, try Adobe Stock  or ShutterStock or CanStock or PhotoDune or Unsplash or Pixabay.


Need something printed? We have an excellent printing company to recommend but … its a secret. Just ask us 🙂 and we’ll answer ASAP

Local Advertising

  • Best places to advertise in Waco, Texas – Wacoan Magazine, Waco Tribune Herald, Waco Today, Waco Transit Advertising, The Baylor Lariat
  • New to Waco? Try advertising with our friends at the Wacoan Magazine

Need help getting all these parts and pieces to play nice together?

October Marketing provides support & services for all of these, whether you need consulting, done-for-you-services or a bit of insight, we can help.

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