How Would You Use AdWords To Get People To Your ASK Method Survey?

How Would You Use AdWords To Get People To Your ASK Method Survey?


Using AdWords to get traffic to your survey or quiz funnel works the same as Facebook Ads

The Ad is selling the Offer, but you can play with exactly what part, what step, the offer is going to be.

Just keep in mind that when people are searching on AdWords, they want something… they want an answer to the search, right now… and you better give them what they want pretty quick.

Then, you can steer them towards something else if need be…..

1) If the offer is a quiz/calculator, you can say that (“Discover your XYZ score with our quiz….”) and then of course you upsell them after the quiz, either on the outcome page, a subsequent page, or an email.

So the ad is promoting the Segmentation Survey, disguised as a Quiz or Calculator and you leverage the outcome page very similar to how you would use a typical upsell.

Almost like the same way you’d use a pop-up with a Sales Letter:

“Congrats, you scored an A, (or “your ZYX Type is Q”) and you know what’s great about people with an A or a Q? They do twice as good when they have __mycoolproduct__ so click here to learn more…”

This would work similar to Ian Cron’s Enneagram quiz: the “test” is free, however once you give your email to get the test score, then you are on his list and you are shown videos and email with offers.

Not only email, but once he knows your Enneagram type, he immediately shows you videos on the outcome page recommending you learn HOW to use that knowledge to improve yourself … in the hope you will buy his book or course to find out even more.

And of course many follow up emails.

Same for the Buzzfeed-style “What Disney Character are you” type quizzes: the quiz is fun or informative, the offers will then be shown on the outcome page after the quiz is done.

What Kind of Entrepreneur are you?
What Type of Fat Burner Are You?
What Type of Facebook Marketer Are you?
How efficient is your bookkeeping process?
How Audit-proof is your business?


2) If the Quiz/Calculator/Score itself cannot be the offer, then what you put in the ad is still the Offer, but the ad is talking about the thing they get on the outcome page, and the quiz is kind of an interruption.

You can get away with it by showing the Welcome page and the Universal Framework:

“When it comes to getting the best bookkeeping solution, there is no one size-fits-all-answer, so if you’ll take just a moment to tell us a bit about your situation, we’ll be able to deliver the EXACT bookkeeping package/plan/software/options that you need”.

Then they go through your segmentation funnel as a diagnose-and-prescribe session. With that little bit of pre-framing, the rest is pretty self-evident along the way and especially when they get to the end it will all “click”.

Also, because the Segmentation Funnel is based on your DDS buckets, you’re “entering the conversation that’s in their head” and they will naturally just go for it because it will feel like it’s speaking to them. They’re thinking “Yes! All the other companies were offering an XYZ that was too small for me, but this company has just my size: 300+ employees!”


3) If you’re running AdWords traffic to a DDS, the ad is pointing the searcher towards the lead magnet or whatever you’re using for the WIIFM “ethical bribe” incentive

For example, you could use a Coupon, Free Access, Free Trial, Free Download, Free Consultation, Early-Bird Access …. and again on AdWords you’ll want to use the Welcome page to explain the situation a bit so the searcher knows why they are being asked questions after they just clicked and expected to receive something.

You might treat it like gated content, byt showing a message such as “While we generate your coupon / prepare your access / customize your download, can we just ask your advice on something first? Because we want to improve our product….

or: …. because we are making a new XZY and wants to hear from our customers first…”


This entire concept assumes that there are people on Google searching for whatever you are offering:

Facebook Tracking Software
Bookkeeping solutions
Chocolate Cake Recipes
“Mountain bikes for sale”
“Remove shadows from under my eyes” would be a search that might match Ryan’s Proactiv Skincare Ecommerce funnel example as taught in the ASK Method course.

If no one is searching on Google for your offer, because its new, unique, presumed to be impractical, unknown, etc you’d have to use interruption advertising like Facebook instead of AdWords.

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