ASK Method: What’s the Difference between a DDS and a Segmentation Funnel?

When it comes to the ASK Method®, What’s the Difference between a DDS and a Segmentation Funnel?

This isn’t really “Ask.”
This is actually “Ask. Sell.”

DDS = “Ask.”
Segmentation funnel = “Sell.”

First we have Questions to give, then we have Answers to give 🙂

DDS is where you Discover.
It’s “Market Research”.
You’ll be asking a limited group of prospects or past clients questions about themselves, in exchange for a small favor. The primary goal of a DDS is to get them to really open up and talk with an open-ended question about their problems (the SMIQ).

The real product/services is not for sale here.
The point of a DDS is not to get sales or leads, it’s to ask questions, learn, and pave the way for step two: selling.

Segmentation Funnel is the online sales funnel you’ll build AFTER you have the info the DDS gives you.
In that case you already KNOW what your market’s buckets are because you found out in your DDS.
Now in the segmentation funnel, an unlimited amount of purchasers will self-select from a choice offered them. The rest of the sales funnel sequence is then tailored to them (because they self-identified which Bucket their in) and directs them straight to the actual purchase (product or services being offered) using the right words and promotions for THEIR chosen bucket. No delays cogitating on what to type into a big open ended question on this one, this is Grease-the-Slide time: Click, Chose, Go, Purchase, Done.

Full Funnel Build-out is both: Running a DDS, then creating a Segmentation Funnel based on that amazing info you discover through your DDS research.


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