The ASK Method: Let your audience tell you exactly what they want… so you know exactly what to sell to them and how to sell it!

The ASK Method is currently taking the world of Internet Marketing by storm … there’s not too many professional marketers who haven’t heard of it yet, and even many “everyday” business people are getting caught up in the excitement.

My name is Jonathan Wilson, the founder of October Marketing. I am a certified ASK Method Associate — one of the few consultants in the world to pass the ASK Method Company’s Associate exams, to architect and implement the ASK Method® for clients.

Yet as one of a small handful of certified ASK Method professionals, I’m finding it curious that a lot of people do not understand how the ASK Method could apply to their business … and many don’t even know what it actually is. What’s in it, exactly? How does it work? Can it really be as effective as described? Why is it so much better than any other online marketing system?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … ?

So I’ve been asking people lately: what is the ASK Method?

One person told me: “It’s very simple: it’s a quiz and a funnel put together

Not a bad answer, and pretty perceptive, but oh it is also so much more.

One of the things I love about ASK is how many of the best aspects of marketing know-how and tactics are solidly built into it from the ground up.

The owner of a digital marketing agency in Asia told me that ASK is “a way to generate leads – that brings guarded feelings down and gets people excited

Absolutely right! (for both lead gen and sales.)

And still there’s many more facets to this crown jewel of Internet Marketing.


The ASK method is bar none the best system for building profitable sales funnels online.

In other words, it’s the center piece of the best way to do digital marketing

And the reason it’s the best is that it has market research and segmentation built in to the system. It also has more best-practice sales and marketing psychology built in then you will find anywhere else in a single marketing funnel system … and I can say that after searching through practically every marketing system available from the best of the best over the past 6 years.


Why the ASK Method is so effective

The fundamental flaw in so many other internet marketing systems is that they are built on layers of assumptions and guesswork. Deep inside the marketing industry, in quiet moments of introspection, you’ll hear even the best marketers talk about “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks”. No, they aren’t talking about giving up in frustration, they’re talking about the fact that sometimes you have to just throw ideas into the market place to “see what sticks”. The reason is that so much data-driven marketing has to start somewhere, and often “your guess is as good as mine” so let’s throw our best guesses out for the world to choose from. Call it the business version of Survival of the Fittest.

Split testing, or A/B testing, is the ultimate mechanism for finding out which one loses and which one wins, so that you can cut the losses and accelerate the winners…

… but the problem is, you still have to come up with that A and B in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be great if your audience could tell you exactly which A and B (and C and D…) they are interested in, before you ever even start?

Sometimes vast sums of money are spent creating something for the world to “split test” by voting with their wallets. Sometimes the answer comes back “No one wants to buy either one!”

Isn’t there a better way?

With the ASK Method, there is!


The ASK Method removes all the guesswork

Armed with the ASK Method, we can go into a business situation and actually find out exactly who your ideal customer is and exactly what they will buy … sometimes, without spending a penny on testing and guesswork.

We can use ASK to remove all the mystery from your marketing.

The ASK Method is based on 3 core principles, and is actually implemented in three stages:


The ASK Method consists of Discover, Launch, Scale

The fact that Discover comes first is no accident. The entire method is built on the foundation of Discovery: finding out the answers to those crucial getting-started questions that so many advertising and marketing systems overlook.

Using a highly engineered blueprint that has been finely honed over many years, we will get your audience to answer carefully crafted questions that will reveal all the information we need to know about what they think, how they will respond, what they want, and what they will buy … all in their own words.

We’ll discover the primary segments of your market.
And the primary things they are willing to purchase.
(Do you love 80/20? Wait until you see ASK in action …!)

There’s many “survey” systems out there, but they leave you with a mess of data to sort through … then what do you do with the data? Guess at the best parts of the information that might be worth using? That would just be a recipe for stage two guesswork-inspired disaster.

The ASK Method’s blueprint ensures that no stone will be left unturned in the endeavor to find the right answers, and it also ensures that we actually get the right answers. The chances of properly implementing the ASK system and NOT getting the key information that we’re looking for is virtually zero.

Once all the data is discovered and verified, we launch your ASK funnel. No, that’s not just another kind of marketing funnel. And it’s not just a quiz on a funnel as some sort of clever mechanism for getting a small lift in click-through rates. Its a genuinely unique system for getting your prospects attention on a whole new level that speaks straight to the core of their being and guiding them straight into the perfect place where you can diagnose their desires or the problems they need to solve on any level … and then prescribe the exact solution that will trigger their positive response of “Yes! This is exactly what I need! How did they know what I was thinking?”

Finally, the ASK Method gives more room for scaling upwards successfully and profitably than every other type of marketing funnel I have ever seen. To quote Ryan Levesque, the founder of the ASK Method “Most people think they have a traffic problem, when in fact, they have a conversion problem”. As a long-term AdWords PPC traffic specialist myself, I can vouch for this: traffic is not hard to come by … traffic is everywhere. What’s hard to create is a pathway for profitable conversions. The ASK Method is exactly that pathway.


Diagnose, Prescribe … Profit!

Imagine you walk into your own doctor’s office and without even checking you in, a medical professional walks up and writes you a prescription. You’d probably be thinking “wait, this is crazy, they haven’t even asked what my symptoms are yet!”. With an analogy like that, it seems to obvious that Diagnosis should always come before Prescription.

Yet most marketing systems are “prescribing” as quickly as the internet can serve up web pages, with no prior “diagnosis”.

Now imagine again that you visitor your doctor. This time after signing waiting to get into the doctor’s private consultation where the doctor and the medical staff  spend some time with you, ask you questions, listen to what you say, probe a little deeper “does that hurt right here? How about over here?” maybe the run some tests or call a specialist in to check on you. Then they give you a prescription. How does that make you feel? At the very least, you will feel like the medical professionals actually took the time to listen to you, understand you, find the real problem, and issue the correct prescription for your problem … a prescription that will actually help.

Probably you will look up to them, because they took the time to care about you and find a solution that is both correct and unique to you.

That is how your customers and clients will view you and your brand when you use the ASK Method correctly.

They will feel understood. They will feel like someone cares. They will feel like they got the correct diagnosis. They will feel like they have been offered the right solution.

And how often do you accept prescription, the solution, offered by your doctor? Your prospects will feel the same about you: trusting and ready to accept what you have for them.

That is how you build a fan base of raving, loyal, happy customers who will come back again and again to signup and purchase whatever offer you are recommending to them.

Imagine how much more successfully that will will improve the profitability of your marketing funnel compared to all the other off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all systems being used by your competitors.


Success with the ASK Method

ASK has been used in dozens of markets and industries … in thousands of businesses … at last count, just one person had used the ASK method with wild success in over 23 industries, generating 4 million email subscribers, 200,000 customers and over 100 million in sales. That’s just ONE person.


Certified ASK Method Consultant

The ASK method is perfect for new companies and startups to discover their ideal buying audience, validate and even pre-sell their new ideas.

Its also perfect for existing business planning to launch a new product or service: you can be absolutely certain what your audience wants to buy before you even produce or design it.

And finally, your existing products and services might be leaving tons of money on the table … only because you haven’t tapped into your existing market to discover what they are really thinking.

You may even discover whole new markets and audiences of hungry buyers looking for something you are uniquely able to deliver to them. With the ASK Method, you, and not your competitors, can find the quickest path to market and become a winning success with a loyal base of raving fans who are hungry for the exact thing you are offering … because it’s what they told you they would buy when you asked.

We specialize in using the ASK Method for large scale, B2C lead generation, email list building and info products. The ASK method works superbly with B2B, coaching, consulting, high-ticket, e-commerce and physical products as well.

If you have an existing email list or traffic source, it’s a no brainer.

The ASK Method is a foundational shift in how business and their customers engage and transact business together online. Its the wave of the future and in 2 to 5 years, everybody will be doing this. But right now, you still have an opportunity to be an early adopter on the cutting edge.

So if you don’t have time to implement the ASK Method yourself, you need to find a way to make progress before the competition passes you up.

For sure you can do it yourself. Or you can have an experienced, trained professional build the system for you.

If you are looking for a certified professional to build the ASK Method for your business, contact me today, and let’s discover together how we can best launch your greatest business success.

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“ASK Method®” is a registered trademark of the The ASK Method Company.



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