[Checklist] Don’t Waste Good Traffic On A Bad Site

[Checklist] Don’t Waste Good Traffic On A Bad Site

If you are running any kind of paid traffic and your site has ANY kind of loading issues, you are Burning Money.

90-Second Quick Checklist

Here’s a quick list of what to check for:

  • SSL errors
  • Broken pages
  • Page takes more than a few seconds to load
  • Doesn’t load consistently
  • Broken links
  • Layout gets confusing on mobile or tablet, small screens or some browsers.
  • Or literally anything you didn’t expect to see

When you check those items, try logging out of your own site and clearing cache or use Private/Ingcognito mode, and browse all over your own site.

Stop and fix before you turn the traffic back on.

These kinds of problems are far more prevalent than you might think. As business owners, we tend to overlook them because we aren’t on our own websites, we’re busy running other aspects of our businesses.

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