What Holds Back D2C E-Commerce Brands from Successful Google Ads Campaigns?

What Holds Back D2C E-Commerce Brands from Successful Google Ads Campaigns?

I’ve spent some time reviewing the biggest problems that hold back Google Ads campaigns for E-Commerce Direct-To-Consumer businesses.

In one case, the owner was barely breaking even on ad spend.

There were loads of small issues that were collectively keeping the campaigns from being profitable.

It takes a lot of hard work (And expertise!) to get beyond that level and scale up results.

Here are the top takeaways of what I’ve learned:

  1. His Google Ads account had changed agencies multiple times. He was in a competitive market, but was all set to become the next disruptor. Yet he was being held back by high CPA and low ROAS. Each agency had ignored what had already been tried and repeated the same mistakes. The hierarchy and organization of campaigns was completely messed up. It wasn’t until later that he figured out how many useless and unprofitable ads were hidden in that mess, wasting his money and holding back the account’s overall performance.
  2. The basics were missing: tracking was incorrectly set up, had errors, and was missing crucial data. It’s simply not possible to make good analytical decisions about the campaign if all the data is incorrect.

The crucial fix was:

  • Tracking actual sales separately rather than grouping it in with all conversions
  • Tracking native Conversion Actions using Google Ads This set him up for Google Ads success.
  • After this, he was finally able to focus on scaling up revenue

Once he was able to analyze what was working and what wasn’t, he achieved a healthy 3.0X ROAS. But high ROAS itself isn’t enough – revenue is the most important metric to optimize for.

He got the best results through:

  • Looking deeper into Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, and Keywords
  • Implementing proper retargeting to ensure more sales
  • Finding new ways to scale by running smart budget-conscious experiments

His biggest regret was the 5 years he spent slowly figuring this all out alone without guidance.

If you’re in a similar boat and don’t have a reliable way to improve your Google Ads performance…


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I also recently grew another client’s Ecommerce business past $3MM revenue by:

  1. Optimizing Google Ads for low CPA and high ROAS
  2. And then scaling up for high, consistent revenue

You can see how I did it, and get the checklist I used to meticulously apply each step by clicking on the image below.

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