The 80/20 of Google Ads Search Campaign Setup

The 80/20 of Google Ads Search Campaign Setup

Here's the 80/20 of AdWords Initial Search Campaign Setup ... 

. . . . Save Money, Prevent Unexpected Disasters:

Make sure to keep Search and Display in separate campaigns and don't mix them. (Google will try to get you to create a combined Search + Display campaign)

When you setup your Search campaigns, do not use Search Partners at first (you can test that, later).

For campaign settings, carefully select your country or specific geo location, your language, change Location options to Target and exclude people "IN" the location, not "in, searching for, or who show interest in" the location.

Use manual bidding until you get at LEAST 30 conversions per month (preferably 5 conversions per day). The automation does not work well on minimal data.

Select a monthly "test budget" that you can afford to throw away, and then use just 1/5th of it. That will allow you to run several tests/trials before you burn up your entire budget.

Budgets settings are done at the campaign level and set by the day. Google considered there to be 30.4 days in a month.

. . . so if you had a $1,000 test budget, / 5 / 30.4 is $6.57 per day as the Campaign Budget setting.

Start with standard delivery, (only switch to accelerated after the campaign is profitable and not budget limited)) Start with Ad delivery rotation set to "Rotate indefinitely".

Ad Groups should contain just a handful of closely-themed keywords. Generally 1 to 6. Rarely up to 12. If you have "a lot" of keywords in one ad group, you need to split it.) The "theme" should be represented by a single keyword or short phrase and that keyword or phrase should be used in your Ad. If you can't write an ad with a main "theme" that matches all your keywords, you need to divide the ad group

Put the keyword in the ad headline and the Display URL, and if possible in the Description too

Use Benefits in the headlines and descriptions.

Make sure the ad clearly describes what they're doing to get, see and do on the landing page.

NEVER use broad match. Use BMM (Broad Match Modified), which the +plus +sign and use Exact Match which is [the brackets]

Don't run ads to your home page, run them to a designated landing pages that matches the keyword and ad (The Welcome page of your ASK Funnel).

Setup conversion tracking. Its the only way you can measure what you're doing and find out if its working or not. Using AdWords without Conversion tracking is like driving a car with no dashboard, no meters, at best. It's like spending money without balancing your checkbook.Enter your text here...

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