Improve Sales with Your Current User Base

If your website receives a reasonable amount of traffic but sales are low, you can probably gain considerably by changing and fine tuning aspects of your current website.

In many cases, even if your current conversion rate is good, it’s worth the time and expense to see if it can be improved (capitalizing on your existing customer base is always more effective than trying to attract more customers.)

Our conversion rate optimization process will analyze your visitor’s behavior, buying habits, your site’s checkout process, signup, contact and info forms, the site’s design, UX (user experience) and technical features, then determine possible avenues of improvement. From there we implement A/B testing to detect if any changes improve the conversation rate.

What Does “Conversion Rate” Mean?

Most of the users that visit your site (“visitors”) will flow through without ever interacting. If they never contact, interact with or buy from you in any way, then all the traffic in the world isn’t doing you much good (unless you are merely disseminating information, but even in that case, you’ll typically want interaction or feedback from at least some visitors to guage the effectiveness of your website).

When a user takes a meaningful action that produces a sale, brings them into interaction with you (or even leads them one step closer to either one) we call that a conversion.  The action is said to “convert” an anonymous visitors into a customer.

Here’s a few examples of a conversion:

  • Make a purchase
  • Signup for an email newsletter
  • Fill out a form
  • Take a survey
  • Request Information
  • Download a product such as an eBook
  • Subscribe to a service
  • Create a user account
  • Join a user forum

When you compare the total number of site visitors in a given time period to the total amount that converted, you have your site’s conversion rate

For example, if you get 2600 visitors a month and 39 sales, that’s a 1.5% conversion rate.

If you could then increase your conversion rate by half a percent, you’d have 52 sales: a 2% conversion rate (and a 30% increase in sales.)

What is A/B Testing?

With A/B testing, we take a copy of your existing web page, designated “A”, and create a version we believe to be an improvement, designated “B”.

In a simplistic scenario, we then install a bit of software on your website that will alternately show each version to every other visitor. The core concept is that in a given span of time, half your visitors will view the original version and half will see the new, supposedly improved version. If one version results in a better conversion rate, it becomes the new baseline page. At that point you can stop test and enjoy the results, or proceed with another test (more complex scenarios are possible.)

This is an advanced marketing topic; there’s a great amount of things to consider in the process.

If you’re interested in improving your conversion rate (and if you’re marketing or advertising, you should be . . . ), then why wait, contact us today!