Local SEO Puts Your Business on the Map

The importance of a local search strategy for your local business is increasing every day.

Experts estimate that by 2015, most people in the world will access the Web more frequently through mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers. That trend is beginning to show now, especially in the 16-29 demographic, which is also the most prolific group of social media users. With more people accessing the Web while on the go, they’ll be looking for places to eat, shop, and explore – and that could be you.

An online local business listing is crucial to this endeavor.

As a local business, online presence has a big impact on spreading the word about your services and value. When your name appears in online business listings, it lets others share information about your business through social media. But more importantly, it makes your business more accessible through multiple points of access, to many more people than it ever has before.

Take Google Places, for example, which is the engine behind listings on Google Maps. They are the #1 source of locations and directions online, followed closely by Bing Local Search.

Yelp is a reviews site that offers customers a chance to know the pros and cons of a business . On your Yelp page, you may want to be sure that you have reviews – that show – and that these reviews are positive, at least the most recent ones.

Local SEO is a Marathon, not a Sprint.

Building a local business listing page is not a one-shot event. Your page will need regular maintenance as changes to your business or to the provider site unfold. Most sites, like Google Places, will auto-populate your business site with information pulled from the Web – which may or may not be accurate. From the start, there may be errors on your page that need immediate attention. This can happen, too, when the site or mobile app goes through an upgrade, and information is changed in the process.

The online reputation you build can greatly effect how well you are able to attract business. Likely many more people will see your online local business listing than any fliers distributed in mailboxes or on the street. Remember, these sites, as long as they are up, are permanent. Potential customers can’t toss it aside and forget about it – it’s always there for they next time they are online, looking for a local business like yours.

October Marketing specializes in setting up your business with the local business listing sites that will best serve your niche purpose and goals. Whether this is your first time setting up Google Places or Yelp, or you’re short on time for managing your existing accounts, October Marketing will bring a quality site to your customer, and bring the customer to you.

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