Targeted SEO Services for your Website

We offer customized SEO service – perfect for regional and local businesses, small companies trying to get bootstrapped on to the Internet, entrepreneurs looking to utilize a niche market and anyone looking for increased rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines. Statistics show that the majority of search engine users (~80%) ignore paid search ads and click only on the natural “organic” results. If you are relying solely on PPC advertising, you are missing the majority of your customer base – more importantly, they are missing you. In addition, paying for clicks to a non-optimized website will cost you money now and later: Google will penalize you for an under achieving website by lowering your score and raising your CPC (Cost Per Click), then you’ll lose customers and the resulting sales by paying to send visitors to pages that aren’t getting high conversion rates.

Is your website ranking high enough on the front page of Google?

If so, good, because most viewers never make it to the second page. But if you are not in the #1 position in the organic search result rankings, you’re still missing 70% to 90% of your potential click traffic. On average, the first listing in the organic search results gets 40% of all the clicks on the page, the second listing gets 12%, the third, 9%, the fourth, 6%, – and anything lower than that is seldom clicked. (Is it worth it? We recommend you read our article on the cost benefits of SEO.)

SEO services, custom tailored to suit your goals

Because one size never fits all in this industry: every website, every page, every keyword needs special attention to optimize results, click-through rates and profitability. SEO is a real investment and one of the most important considerations in your marketing budget. We have seen many clients pour all their resources into site design and setup, thinking that if the site is online customers will come and the rest is automatic. We’ve seen this approach fail time and time again. Don’t let this happen to you – be ahead of the curve and aim to win.

Don’t Wait – Get ahead in the SEO race

Better too late than never, but every day you wait to begin SEO your site falls further behind your competitors in search engine rankings.  Contact us today to see how we can improve your website traffic and conversion rates, increase your profitability and make your website the leader in your market through SEO and SEM management. Our professional SEO services start at $80/hour. For large packages, we can discuss custom pricing.

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