How to Link Google Ads to Analytics

Note: Please make sure you both have an existing Google Ads and Google Analytics account before proceeding with these steps. 1. Login to Google Analytics at 2. Click Admin at the lower left corner of the page. 3. Choose which account and property you’d like to manage 4. Under property, choose “Google Ads Linking”.   […]

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How To Create Google Analytics Audiences

Note: It is important that your Google Analytics tracking code (JavaScript) tag is implemented on your site’s pages first. Before immediately jumping into creating your first GA Audience, please make sure that your GA account supports remarketing. Please follow the steps below: 1. Login to your Google Analytics account and go to the admin tab. […]

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[Paid Traffic Tip] Capture your Holiday traffic and save it for next year!

Hey everyone, I was just helping a non-profit organization with their PPC marketing and thought this tip would be valuable for you, too. If you are using, or ever plan to use, paid traffic in the future, . . . do yourself a favor and setup your remarketing list audiences NOW. Why now? Because the audiences can […]

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What is a Micro-Conversion in Web Tracking?

  Micro conversions are upstream events that are not purely direct money generators … … but they are absolutely essential to get people to buy, such as watching a video, downloading a lead magnet, booking a call, setting up a consultation or opting into your email list. Essentially we are monitoring when someone takes an […]

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What Goes into a Google Analytics Account or View?

A skilled colleague with a fairly advanced web configuration recently asked me: At this point I realized I want all conversion data in one GA view. Period. Is there is some major reason why I shouldn’t use this approach, that you can think of? I agree, having it all in one view is a good […]

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